Localized Prostate Cancer Discussed as by a Cancer Survivor Doctor

prostate surgery
https://youtu.be/jtU3mKE4xb4 According to cancer.org, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men behind lung cancer. Since it is particularly difficult to detect and diagnose, it is often called the silent killer. But why is it called a silent killer? Because it lacks early signs or symptoms. You might be interested in reading more about prostate cancers that show symptoms — symptomatic prostate cancer — here. Dr. John Lynch is a urologist who specializes in treating patients with prostate cancer, he’s Chair of the Urology Care Foundation’s Public Education Council, but more importantly, he is also a prostate cancer survivor. Here’s what you need to know about prostate cancer in 5 minutes. If you have been diagnosed with localized prostate cancer, there are many treatment options available. Watch this video shared by Urology Care Foundation to learn more about these options, about prostate cancer, patients' quality of life and life expectancy.

Learn more about prostate cancer treatment options.

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