Can Yoga Reduce Prostate Cancer-Related Fatigue? Everybody is well aware that exercise is something we can all benefit from. And prostate cancer patients - among other cancer patients - are no exception. Even though it can be difficult to keep active after being diagnosed with a disease as serious as cancer , exercising and working your muscles is extremely important, even if you're not at your fullest capacity. Did you know that deadly prostate cancer can be avoided by exercise and a healthy diet? In this video, shared by Hindustan Times, find out more about how yoga can be a great choice of exercise to help fight prostate cancer-related fatigue. Yoga can help men recover from cancer, even though many men think this type of exercise is for women. Certainly, that's what Frank Falcone used to think. After putting the stigma aside, Frank gave yoga a try and he's now addicted to it. Watch the video and learn more about how researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found out that men with prostate cancer going through radiation therapy can benefit from yoga. Find out more about prostate cancer treatment options you should know about.
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