Advanced Prostate Cancer: Living Longer, Living Better   If you've been diagnosed with a cancer in an advanced stage such as advanced prostate cancer, it's possible that your doctor might have informed you that you have a life expectancy of two or three years. However, because many people beat the odds and live productive lives for much longer, advanced prostate cancer is not necessarily a life sentence. But what is advanced prostate cancer? Even though this stage of prostate cancer means your cancer is at a very advanced stage and has already spread to other organs and possibly your bones, it doesn't mean it's not curable - it's a long shot, but there is hope. In this video shared by Chesapeake Urology, you can learn that a wide array of breakthrough treatment advances, such as Provenge infusion therapy, can offer hope. Donald and Pompey are advanced prostate cancer patients who thought their lives would be cut short because of the disease, but they both keep their hopes up high while waiting for new treatment options. Watch the video and discover more about new treatment options from doctors, therapists, and nurses who discuss the treatments and explain more about what new treatments
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