5 Prostate Cancer Symptoms You Should Know

5 prostate cancer symptoms

Prostate cancer is a common disease that attacks older men and affects the prostate, which is a gland located below the bladder. In early cases of the disease, the symptoms are usually unnoticeable, but as the disease progresses symptoms may arise and cause discomfort.

Symptoms of prostate cancer include (to learn more about each symptom, click on the link):

  1. Erectile dysfunctionWhile in early stages, the symptoms are often unnoticed, but as the disease progresses patients experience symptoms like urination problems, pain,weakness or numbness in the limbs, and erectile dysfunction.
  2. Urination problems: Numerous reasons may explain the development of urinary problems, with one of them being prostate cancer.
  3. Blood in urine: Blood in urine is one of the symptoms of prostate cancer, a disease that occurs when cells in the prostate start to grow out of control.
  4. PainEarly diagnosis of prostate cancer is very difficult since the symptoms of the disease do not usually manifest until the advanced stages. Pain is one of the main symptoms and can be experienced very differently from patient to patient.
  5. Weakness or numbnessWeakness or numbness can be experienced in the legs or feet and may also cause loss of bladder or bowel control. These symptoms are related to prostate cancer spreading and pressing on the spinal cord.

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