What is Advanced Prostate Cancer?

Regular visits to the doctor increase the likelihood of catching prostate cancer early and provide patients with a better chance of recovery. However, in some cases, patients are diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, and it’s important that patients understand the implications of an advanced prostate cancer diagnosis. Did you know that deadly prostate cancer can be avoided by exercise

Knowledge is power when living with prostate cancer.

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  1. russo says:

    3 years ago had 6.0 psa – cryotherpy- then .04 as each 6 mo went by, climbed to 6. – 9.- 12.- current (6 mo. ago 22.-then 33.-) though I passed all tests MRI – CT – BONE SCAN – PET – Biopsy -(next month an Axium Pet)passing ALL test TWICE including last Biopsy – ALL WAS CLEAR – WHats going ON?? I’ll be 80 in June. NO symptoms(except frequent night urinations)

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