Prostate Cancer Can Affect Your Financial Health

Prostate Cancer Can Affect Your Financial Health

Living & Loving with Prostate CancerTreating cancer is expensive. Missed work, loss of income, high deductibles, a substantial reduction or depletion of savings, or going into debt. It all adds an  additional layer of stress to the already-stressful challenge of coping with prostate cancer.

survey conducted by the Association of Oncology Social Work (AOSW) showed "66% of patients with major financial challenges suffer depression or anxiety." According to AOSW's survey "40% of patients reported depleting their savings, almost 30% reported dealing with bill collectors, and 54% of those handling a major/catastrophic financial burden said it had become more difficult in the past year to afford treatment." The same survey found that financial issues affect a patient’s willingness/ability to continue with necessary ongoing treatment. In fact "29% delay filling prescriptions due to financial pressures, and 22% skip doses of their medications," it said. Delaying or skipping doses of cancer-fighting treatment medications has an impact on the success or failure of treatment. According to an article in Fierce Heath Care, prostate cancer patients who filed for bankruptcy were almost twice as likely to die as those who remain solvent.

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