Accuray: 93% of Low-risk Prostate Cancer Patients Disease-free 10 Years After CyberKnife Therapy

Accuray: 93% of Low-risk Prostate Cancer Patients Disease-free 10 Years After CyberKnife Therapy
More than 93 percent of men with low risk-prostate cancer treated with the CyberKnife System were still disease-free 10 years later, said the system's manufacturer, Sunnyvale, California-based Accuray. A study detailing the treatment, “Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer: A Ten-Year Analysis,” appeared in the journal Cureus. CyberKnife edlivers stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), a type of radiotherapy that uses special equipment to position a patient and precisely deliver radiation to tumors in the body. The prostate gland can move unpredictably during the course of treatment, and accurately tracking its position and correct radiation delivery site is of utmost importance. CyberKnife treatment involves five daily sessions, unlike conventional radiotherapy, which requires 30 to 40 sessions. Last February, Accuray reported that 100 percent of men with low-risk prostate cancer given CyberKnife radiation therapy were still disease-free after seven years, as were 88.5 percent of men at intermediate risk. In the latest study, 230 men with low-risk prostate cancer were treated with the CyberKnife System and monitored for a median follow-up of nine years. The median age was 69.5 years. Ten years later, 98.4 percent of these men had not seen their disease progress throughout the study, and 9
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  1. Jeremy A says:

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