Noninvasive Blood Test Enables Early Detection of Prostate Cancer, Study Suggests

Noninvasive Blood Test Enables Early Detection of Prostate Cancer, Study Suggests
A new, noninvasive blood test can reliably detect prostate cancer in patients with inconclusive PSA tests, the test's developer, CellMax Life, recently announced. Researchers say the company's circulating tumor cell (CTC) blood test could reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies by up to 90 percent. A study highlighting the test's positive results, titled, “Prospective clinical study of a prostate cancer (PCa) rule-out blood test for PSA gray zone patients using a sensitive circulating tumor cell assay,” was presented by lead author Jacob See-Tong Pang at the 2018 ASCO Genitourinary Cancers Symposium in San Francisco, California, on Feb. 8. A significant number of men who undergo PSA screening receive an indeterminate, or “gray zone,” result. Three out of four of these patients have a negative biopsy. Unnecessary prostate biopsies present a significant risk for side effects, including fever, infection, and bleeding. Some of these patients may require hospitalization. Tests currently used to determine the need for biopsy, based on elevated PSA levels, have insufficient specificity and sensitivity, which leads to unnecessary biopsies in a large number of men. “Our results suggest that this novel blood test, based on [CTCs], may offer a solution for this clinical unmet need,” See-Tong Pang said in a press release. The company used its CMx platform to develop a blood test focused on circulating tumor cells. CTCs are cancer cells from a primary tumor that escaped into the bloodstream and a
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  1. sokalski says:

    Is this testing available in Canada or can a canadian become part of the testing process. I am waiting for a biopsy appointment with much hesitation to have anything invasive done in order to avoid unnecessary risk associated with biopsy, especially when the symptoms ar so inconclusive at this point.

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