5 Things You Should Know About Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

1. There Are Many Benefits From Participating in a Trial Clinical trials are extremely important scientific studies. The investigation of new medical treatments for diseases like prostate cancer needs clinical trials, which are required by the the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to assess new medical treatments. The benefits are shared by investigators and patients,

Knowledge is power when living with prostate cancer.

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  1. Brian Haselum says:

    I am currently receiving treatment for early metastatic prostate cancer. The treatment resulting from two recent trials, one in the USA Chaarted and one in the U.K. Stampede, using both Docetaxel and Goselerin . I am now halfway through the Chemotherapy 6 doses every three weeks and the first injection of Goselerin 4 weeks ago. I had a PSA test yesterday hopefully results are good

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