The Impact of Prostate Cancer on Families: The Fear is Real Getting a cancer diagnosis is nothing less that devastating. Fear, sadness, insecurity, and hopelessness are just some of the feelings men experience when they hear the words "you have prostate cancer". But it's not just the patients who suffer from it. Families who have a loved one diagnosed with cancer can also feel devastated and helpless. How is prostate cancer diagnosed? Learn about it here. In this clip, shared by The Telegraph, you can meet three people affected by prostate cancer in a raw, emotional video about this disease. Laura, Kevin, and Errol are three different people, but with this devastating disease in common. Laura lost her father to prostate cancer, while Kevin and Errol suffered from this disease - and are both fathers. With a trembling voice, you can listen to Laura as she talks about her life, her father and how he fought the disease, and the devastating impact that prostate cancer had on her life when it took her father away. At the end of the video, you hear Kevin and Errol describe how they recognize the true, powerful effect that cancer may have not only for the patients themselves but also for their families.
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