No-Shave November Raises Awareness for Prostate Cancer


If the men around you have suddenly started sporting a 5 o’clock shadow or designer stubble it probably means that they are joining in with the now annual No-Shave November initiative.

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Men around the world are encouraged to forego their usual morning shave for a whole month to raise awareness of men’s cancers and raise money for cancer charities. The second most prevalent cancer in men (and the biggest killer) is prostate cancer, affecting more than 180,000 men each year and killing almost 26,000 in the U.S. alone.

The No-Shave November is a great platform for people to start talking about prostate cancer and what men can do to get screened for the disease. An annual PSA test is now recommended for all men once they reach the age of 50 and even earlier for those who have a history of prostate or breast cancer in the family.

Talking about prostate cancer shouldn’t be taboo or embarrassing. The more people openly talk about prostate health, the better, and it is certainly something men should be discussing with their doctor.

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