5 Important Aspects of Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

If you’re considering signing up for a clinical trial for prostate cancer, you might want to read about the process first.

1. There Are Many Benefits to Participating in a Trial

Clinical trials are extremely important scientific studies. The study of new drugs and treatments for diseases like prostate cancer needs clinical trials, which are required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to assess all new medical treatments. The benefits are shared by investigators and patients, who gain access to new treatments, expert medical care, free treatment or treatment at a reduced cost, all of which help to advance science and, therefore, the care of other patients.

 Here’s why you should participate in a clinical trial.


  1. Dan says:

    I am in a clincal trial now for an added procedure as part of HDR brachytherapy. I like the idea of trying something new that will benefit others down the road.

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